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Tax Accounting Services

Filing of tax returns on the basis of company’s overall net profits is also a cumbersome and time consuming job that would require hiring the services of a well qualified professional to carry out efficiently. For business owners, hiring the services of a certified tax accountant can mean an added burden on their operational costs which are always shooting up all the time. A great solution to this problem though lies in hiring AVP Outsourcing for carrying out Tax Accounting Outsourcing in Australia, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth for business owners. This can not only take care of expenses shooting over the roof, it also gives small scale business owners a great opportunity to get their Tax Accounting managed by a professional at a very nominal cost.

The Tax Accounting services professionals at AVP Outsourcing help companies achieve tax efficiency with respect to their accounting methods. We focus on procedural and technical aspects of income recognition, expense recognition, inventory accounting, fixed assets, and the cost recovery of capitalized items. Our services are tailored to meet your specific situation through a wide-ranging analysis of clients’ accounting policies. Our tax accounting method review generally analyzes opportunities related to:

• Deferral of income
• Acceleration of expenses
• Reduction of inventory values
• Accelerated deduction of currently capitalized items
• Enhancement of the Domestic Production Activity Deduction (DPAD)
• Further deductions for Meals and Entertainment expenses

Certain treasury regulations and revenue procedures may allow companies to implement changes that benefit their tax position. We can assist you with the following:
• Deduct certain pre-paid
• Deduct loan origination costs
• Deduct previously capitalized items
• Defer income on advanced payments for services
• Accelerate property tax expense
• Deduct internally developed software costs
• Deduct incurred but not reported reserves
• Reduce and simplify the uniform capitalization of inventory costs
• Reduce expenses allocated to Qualified Production Activity Income (QPAI)
• Identify expenses that are not subject to 50 percent disallowance for meals and entertainment