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Small Business Accounting Services

Our accounting service for small businesses provides a perfect platform for small and medium scale enterprises to function in the market even with very restricted financial resources. Business Process Outsourcing in Australia, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth By hiring our services, business owners can cut down a bulk of their costs which they were investing on affording expensive man power and office space rented for this purpose earlier.

Let’s take a look at the scope of services we cover under this service head…
• Check status of cash in hand. Also take stock of how much was received and how much was paid.
• Record all transactions daily or weekly such as customer billings, payments received, payments done to vendors, as and when required.
• Maintain records of all invoices sent; all cash receipts and all cash payments.
• Keep track of unpaid bills including billing dates, amounts due, and payment due date.
• Generate and send invoices including the specified payment terms.
• Review projected cash flows.
• Reconcile business accounts to remove errors.
• Track overdue payments; update their status as bad debts if they are non-recoverable.
• Keep track of Inventory.
• Maintenance of Profit & loss statement
• Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual account statements
• Calculation of employee payrolls, deductions, bonuses and incentives
• Preparation of sales Tax reports
• Preparation of TDS and submission to the concerned department
• Computation of income tax and payments