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Outbound Call-backs

We also provide Outbound call back services to our clients for handling of dropped-in customer queries, following-up on prior communication with customers, customer address/other information verification calls, sales closing calls, enhanced customer engagement calls, verification calls, customer telephonic surveys, customer feedback taking calls etc.

In Outbound Call Centre Outsourcing in Australia, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, we adopt various modes including the voice mode, which is the traditional way of making outbound calls to customers. Similarly, we also use outbound messages with screen popping ability for this purpose. We also make use of emails by customizing every message with a screen pop-up, and then there are other options as well, like fax messages and voicemails, which are also used if desired by the client. Apart from this, we also have a range of dialing options to handle outbound calling for our clients…

  • Preview Auto Dialing

It previews caller information via screen pop and decides when/if to place the call

  • Pre-fixed Auto Dialing

(It helps in making a large number of calls in a limited time.)

  • Power Auto Dialing

(It calls only when someone is there to handle the call.)

  • Recorded Broadcast through IVR

(Deliver unique messages without speaking to the customer.)

  • Automated Call Back facility

(If no one is free to take the call, caller’s number is stored and an automated call back generated later.)

  • Call dropping on Voicemail detection

(Voicemail detection facility which drops the outbound call immediately upon detection)