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Out of Hours & Overflow Support

An important aspect of customer care services that often gets overlooked by most service providers is the out of hours and overflow support function. At AVP Outsourcing, we provide dedicated out of hours tele-support to our clients for handling those customer queries which come at their customer service desk after the normal working hours. Call Centre Outsourcing in Australia, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, With our services in place, these out of work hours calls are redirected to our tele-marketing staff overseas, which then takes care of all customer queries on behalf of our clients.

This is a great support function which gives clients the benefit of not missing out on any customer query whether it is during office hours or beyond. It is like having a 24×7 active customer helpline that keeps the business of clients running even when they are soundly asleep during night.

Let’s look at some of the key features of these services which our clients can enjoy when they hire us for outsourcing their Out of Hours & Overflow support services…

  • Peak-hour overflow service
  • Outbound service
  • Special events relief
  • Automated Call Back facility
  • Automatic call redirect facility after work hours