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Driven by our philosophy that comes from our name AVP, we at AVP Outsourcing Team, Outsourcing Team- IT, BPO, Accounting in Australia have always believed in putting the utmost emphasis on inducting the best personnel for our company ranks. We also deem it our responsibility to go the extra miles in nurturing this resource to the best of our abilities. This is precisely the reason why the individuals we have in our outsourcing team are there because of the unique value addition they make towards enhancing the quality and dependability of the services delivered by us.

Our Management Team is headed by 2 visionaries and friends whose bond of friendship and close association has now blossomed into a fruitful business venture that now spreads across the entire Australian continent with overseas offices in India. The gentleman responsible for success of our outsourcing business, Vinod Kaushik is Director of our Indian operations which began in 2012. Blessed with a clear insight and amazing business acumen, Vinod’s strong analytical skills and his ability to perceive the bigger picture have helped us in growing immensely over a rather short span of time. Heading company business down under is Michael Speckman, Director, Australian operations. An outdoor loving guy with great mannerism and charisma, he brings dynamism to the company with his pro-active outlook. Using his knowledge and market understanding, he has been Instrumental in expanding our reach to all parts of Australia in a very short span of time.

Our Operations Team is guided by Mr. Raman, a self-motivated individual with a practical approach and a rich experience of more than a decade. Gifted with a composed head over his shoulders, he is the man behind the success of our operations team, and the effortlessness with which they take care of all the client servicing activities at AVP Outsourcing. A brilliant guy in charge of delegating and streamlining the entire work flow at Delhi office, Mr. Raman skillfully handles staff and ensures a healthy work environment with a hands-on approach and a steadfast dedication to the success of our business operations.

The Business Development Team @ AVP Outsourcing is headed by Mr. Prem, a self driven guy whose level-headed approach and firm resolve has been quite helpful in developing a growing number of clients with our customized outsourcing solutions. A go-getter and a highly focused person, Prem brings along years of experience to our business development operations. A smart conversationalist with an unflustered disposition, he along with his team has been successfully steering our outsourcing business across the Australian continent.