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At AVP Outsourcing, we take great pride in offering a range of outsourcing services to Small offices/Home offices (SOHOs) and SEMs throughout Australia with our countrywide network of offices located in 6 major cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide. Our Outsourcing Services in Australia, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth offer outsourcing a range of business processes like, customer support desk, Tele-calling, Data entry, accounting support and document management etc.


a) Acquisition And Sales Services
Customer acquisition and sales is the most critical aspect in the success of a business entity. No business can sustain itself for a long period of time if these processes are not carried out with efficiency and dexterity. With the help of AVP Outsourcing services, you will not only have new customers adding up in your business quite frequently, but the old customers will also keep returning back to you with repeat orders to keep your business growing with time.

Following is the list of processes our clients can avail from AVP Outsourcing, and give their business a much needed boost.
• Tele-Marketing
• In-bound & Out-bound Tele-Sales
• Order taking & Payment processing
• Outbound Call-backs
• Outbound Verification

a) Customer Support Services
While acquisition and Sales services are critical for new customer generation, Customer care services have their own special place in retaining customers. AVP Outsourcing specializes in delivering top quality Customer Care Services with the help of a 200+ highly trained telemarketing staff. Working with the sole motto of attending to each and every client whole heartedly till their each query is completely satisfied, AVP Outsourcing services are definitely your best bet in growing your customer base to unparalleled heights.

The areas covered under Customer Care Services are:
• Customer Service & Support
• Technical Support, Advice & Guidance
• Product Information & Help Line Support
• Out of Hours & Overflow Support

b) Data Entry Services
To be ahead of the competition, it is imperative that business owners have access to error-free and structured data which will help them in extracting factual information about their markets. At AVP Outsourcing, we help our clients by taking care of all their data entry and data structuring needs on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This way, our clients enjoy the advantage of having relevant market data on a real-time basis, which they can use to strategize in advance and stay a step-ahead of their competitors all the time.

Apart from offering the advantage of real time market information, our outsourced data entry services also come with the added benefit of giving our clients access to error-free data at a very low cost. Whether it is carrying out Data Entry Services, or generating periodical Company Reports, or even preparing Questionnaires, we @ AVP Outsourcing Services in Australia, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth have the expertise and experience to keep you informed till the last detail.

Take a look at all the data management services you can avail from AVP Outsourcing…
• Fast and accurate data entry of handwritten & printed documents
• Construction of easy-to-use databases
• Conversion of data into old paper files
• Scan your hard copies into electronic formats
• Indexing of documents

c) Accounting Support Services
We @ AVP Outsourcing also offer complete and cost-effective book-keeping and accounting services for our clients in Australia. With a professional team of seasoned and skilled account managers in our rolls and the credibility of working in the market with professionalism and integrity, our clients feel confident in entrusting us with the responsibility of this critical function.

The services offered under this head by us are…
Financial Accounting
We cover a wide range of financial services for all the fiscal needs of our clients including Financial accounting & Report Generation, yearly closings, financial health Reports, Budgeting reports, cash forecasts, Sales & Invoice processing and Write-up Services as well.

Payroll Accounting
We also handle the cumbersome job of maintenance and management of payroll accounts for our clients in Australia. Irrespective of the size or volume of their business, we have successfully catered to small, medium and large scale organizations with our payroll accounting services.

Online Accounting Services
Eliminating all the physical barriers of distance for our clients, we also carry out on-line accounting services for our clients to give them the convenience and advantage of instant real-time accounting.

Forensic Accounting Services
We also aid our clients in detecting any financial irregularity or fraudulent entries that could seriously affect their business integrity and reputation with the help of our forensic accounting services.

Small Business Accounting Services
Our small business accounting services are ideal for SOHOs and SMEs who operate in the market with very limited financial resources. By hiring us, these business owners can cut down plenty of costs involving hiring qualified staff and renting office space for the same purpose.

Tax Accounting Services
Filing of taxes on company income is also quite a time consuming job that can take plenty of Time and energy. Just hire us for this purpose and we will carry out all your tax computations,
Tax filing jobs with ease and efficiency.

d) Document Management
AVP Outsourcing also offers you the convenience of advanced Document management services to keep a complete track of all your business documents on the go. Under document management, we serve our clients by indexing, archiving and saving their business documents in a structured way so that every document is easily tracked and retrieved by our clients in a couple of clicks only.