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When a company hires AVP Outsourcing for taking care of one of their key business functions, the onus of ensuring its success falls on our shoulders right from that very moment. IT Outsourcing Company in Australia, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, In order to deliver the results our clients expect us to deliver through our services, we take a step-by-step approach for completely integrating the outsourced function of our clients with other functions of their business to maximize their return on investment from our Outsourcing services.

This step-by–step approach for achieving complete integration is actually a 7 step process which is listed below in a sequential order…

1. Strategy; Decision to Outsource

2. Scope; Defining the scope of work

3. Negotiation; Finalizing terms for agreement

4. Implementation of Project;

5. Management of Project

6. Completion of Project

7. Providing Maintenance & Support

The first step in this crucial process is obviously choosing a particular type of outsourcing project that we are fully confident of delivering to our clients. Once this all important step is taken care of, we then proceed with the second step of defining the scope of work we will be handling in the project. This typically involves defining the extent of each process we will be handling at our end. After finalizing the scope of work, we go ahead with finalizing the terms of agreement with our clients on the aforesaid parameters.

With the negotiations part finally completed, we now begin with the implementation of project. This process itself is broken down into three parts, where the 1st part involves launching of project, followed by the 2nd part which is budgeting and forecasting, and finally the 3rd part which takes care of planning transition of the process with other processes of our client’s through seamless integration. After the project has been implemented, the next critical step happens to be project management.

Under project management, we take care of four aspects including performance monitoring, delivery integration, partnership management and cost/budget administration. In this step, our focus is primarily on maintaining the quality of our deliveries and their seamless integration with the ongoing processes of our client’s business. This step also involves managing our partnership with clients on a good level to enhance the synergy of operations, and keeping a tight control on the costs and budget allocations of the project.

The next step in our outsourcing process happens to be project completion, where we finally deliver the expected results to our clients for a duration agreed upon in the contract. Once our delivery is completed, we officially deem the project as completed. However, our job doesn’t really end here as we also offer support services to our clients after the completion of project.