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We at AVP Outsourcing take great pride in offering a range of outsourcing services to SMEs throughout Australia with our countrywide network of offices located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide and Victoria. Having developed a very sound support structure for handling all kinds of outsourcing processes, Global Outsourcing Company in Australia, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, we are open to servicing clients from all the sectors where our services could deliver great value addition to their business.

With our experience and expertise, we feel confident about handling the following sectors with relative ease and efficiency…

  • Healthcare Sector…Hospitals, chemists, rehab centers, rejuvenation centers, emergency helpline etc.
  • Retail Sector…Both online and offline retailers, Promotional Campaigns, Customer Surveys etc.
  • IT Sector…Fixed phones, Mobiles, Computers, Software and Applications Etc.
  • Professional Services Sector…Legal services, Accounting services, professional practices involving contact management, employment agencies etc.
  • Finance Sector… Mortgage queries, credit card services, insurance services etc.
  • Travel & Holiday Sector…Marketing Campaigns, information assistance, online bookings, Tour planners, travel agents etc.
  • Automotive Sector…Vehicle breakdown services, emergency services, automotive dealers etc.
  • Small Business Sector…Customer support, sales and acquisition, data management, document management, HR services, Accounting Support, Online promotion support etc.