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Inbound & Outbound Tele-Sales

The tele-marketing services provided by AVP Outsourcing offer the dual option of choosing Out-bound as well as inbound calling support to not only reach out to the customers on behalf of the company for soliciting their response, but also be available for them when they try to reach out to the company with queries and complaints and suggestions. The Inbound, Outbound Outsourcing in Australia, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth are more for the purpose of pushing the customers to make a decision about the company’s products/services, while the in-bound tele-sales are aimed at pulling the customers to call back the company with a product or service query.

For in-bound tele-sales, our focus is primarily on servicing the already inclined customer in the best possible manner to put to rest all doubts that he or she might be having regarding company’s products or services. This method of tele-sales has a higher success rate compared to the outbound method simply because it is a customer initiated process. For out-bound sales, we put maximum emphasis on making the first contact with the perspective customer in a nice and cordial manner, and apprising the customer about the products/services and how they could be beneficial for him/her.

The services that we offer under In-bound tele-sales could be summarized as…

  • Service/Product information desk
  • Customer Query handling
  • Order Processing
  • Help Desk
  • Live Chat support
  • Problem solving
  • Sales Closure

The services that we offer under out-bound tele-sales could be summarized as…

  • Leads Generation
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Appointment Setting And Corporate Invitations
  • Dormant Customer Activation
  • Market Research & Customer Surveys
  • Contact/Database Validation