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Hunting new business from the market might be your forte, but it becomes a completely different ball game altogether if you have to hunt for suitable manpower from the market to expand your business operations. Today, when employees are no longer seen as just workers but invaluable Human Resource Outsourcing in Australia, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth equipped with natural intelligence, the need for managing this resource has attained a much bigger significance in the business operations of a company.

All multinational and large companies today have a separate human resource department to induct, train and grow this all important human resource, which cannot be substituted by any other artificial intelligence created or developed by technology. As a matter of fact, this is virtually a boon for companies who have the budget and resources to have such a set-up, but for smaller companies who are operating under extreme budget restraints, getting hold of good manpower and its subsequent training can be pretty difficult.

Outsourcing Human Resource Outsourcing in Australia, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth though is one such option which allows even small business owners to hire the best quality professionals from the market without putting too much burden on their limited budgetary allocation. At AVP Outsourcing, we specialize in providing these services to small and medium size businesses in Australia, who can assign us with their staffing services at a very nominal addition to their expenses. Let’s look at the services our clients can avail under our HRM Services…

  • Screening & assessing of employees
  • Employee Induction programs
  • Performance review of employees
  • Employee training Workshops
  • Employees benefits supervision
  • Employee Motivation Programs
  • Employee Health and Insurance programs
  • Employee Records Maintenance
  • Development and Management of HR forms
  • Maintenance of Employee handbook
  • Maintenance of Workplace policies and procedures
  • Employee Claims Management
  • Employee Orientation Programs
  • Employment contract Termination assistance
  • Resolution of Conflicts
  • Regulation Compliance

When a company hires us for outsourcing their HRM function, we virtually take over all its worries related to the management of Human resources in its ranks. With our all encompassing range of services related to all aspects of HRM, we can deliver any business with the finest quality manpower with our top class services.