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Forensic Accounting Services

We carry out Forensic Accounting Outsourcing in Australia, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth for our clients to help them maintain the integrity of their accounts. We assist our clients in a range of cases pertaining to fraudulent accounting practices, accounting misappropriations and embezzlements etc. We react swiftly and in complete confidence to safeguard the assets and reputation of our clients, and try to find a quick solution to these matters with least interference to the business operations of the clients. While doing so, we also advice clients on suggestive measures that could lessen the probability of such events occurring in the future again.

When we are hired for these services, we take a step-by-step approach to gather every bit of information on the concerned matter. After gathering all the relevant data, we proceed with a thorough analysis of the issue based on the information we have gathered. Subsequently, we document the findings of this analysis in a report that could be presented to the concerned law enforcement department for review. With seasoned professionals in our ranks, we can assist business owners with complex accounting frauds taking place outside the normal course of business, including:

• Investigation into all kinds of accounting frauds
• Financial reporting and securities fraud investigations
• Accounts Misappropriation & embezzlement
• Investigations related to breaking of regulatory guidelines
• Fraud risk assessment
• Investigations related to Bribery and corruptions
• Monitoring of shady Transactions
• Advisory Services for Disputes
• Arbitration and Litigation support
• Forensic business intelligence
• Market Intelligence
• Whistle blowing services
• Data integrity Investigations
• Forensic Technology & Discovery Services
• Computer Forensics
• Forensic Data Analysis

We also help our clients in spotting any financial irregularity or false entries that could gravely concern their business integrity and reputation with the help of our Forensic Accounting Outsourcing in Australia, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth services.